I have a new obsession, and I just have to share it with everyone!  CUSTOM notebooks from Shutterfly with BEAUTIFUL designs from Design Love Fest.  I know that my Aspen Brides will love receiving these beautiful notebooks.  Planners, your brides will too!

aspen bride gifts

I “made” these custom notebooks using Shutterfly.  They are offered in two sizes: 5×8″ and 8.5×11″.  The standard paper size notebook even comes with punched holes and perforated sheets!  I visited the Design Love Fest site and spent hours scouring their gorgeous design for the ones that fit Bubbles & Bowties’ brand perfectly!  I created my notebooks, punched in my credit card details, and waited, oh so anxiously, for these beauties to arrive.

aspen bride gifts                aspen bride gifts

There were only two tricky parts to this process: 1. picking which designs to use…because I wasn’t going to buy 30 notebooks!  and 2. figuring out how to get the images and Shutterfly to all cooperate.  I ended up having to create an account (eye roll), upload the images to “My Photos”, merge them into one album, and then I could select the notebook size, and import the images from an album.  I was also having internet connectivity issues that day, so you may not have to go through as many of these steps, but the images absolutely would not load strictly within the project, for me.

aspen bride gifts               aspen bride gifts

This idea is not mine.  My dear friend Stacy is an absolute style maven and has such a good eye.  As college roommates, I was always so impressed with her creativeness, inventiveness, and her craft supply box, which made all of our creative dreams come true!  Time has not changed this about her, she is as creative and inventive as always…as you can see.


I think these gorgeous notebooks make excellent client gifts, supplies for yourself and any associates, maybe even a thank you gift for your office supply spirit animal.  Think vendors: especially, venue managers!

These could go a million different ways and for a million different reasons/uses.  I think they’re a fabulous, price conscious gift.

Design Love Fest Downloads: FREE
Shutterfly 5×8 “Upload your own design” notebook: 14.99
Shutterfly 8.5×11 “Upload your own design” notebook: 9.99
Tax: varies by state
Shipping: $7 and up (my 4 notebooks were $17 in shipping, but with a promo code, I received a $16 discount, so my shipping was free!)
Cost per item: ~$19 – 25