In the wedding planning industry, Event Management is the accurate label for what many have been referring to as “Day-of Coordination” for years.  Recently, the community of wedding planners has been banding together to rid our industry of this title as it is quite the misnomer.

Yes, we know, “Day-of” seems to be the perfect package, especially for budget or DIY brides (many times these two go hand-in-hand).  And yes, we all agree that every single bride, at a minimum, deserves to have someone making sure that everything she’s spent months planning is executed as she likes.

The reason the verbiage around this service needs to be changed is very simple, is it not merely, or only, “Day-of”.  Not even close.  A great Event Manager steps in when hired, is in the loop as you are making decisions, and is in communication with other vendors as soon as possible to eliminate confusion, and becomes the leader of the crew…your crew, that you’ve hired to make your day great!

Event Managers take over the communication at a specified time frame before your wedding (for some event managers this is a month before, and for others two weeks) and ensures that you don’t have to be bothered with unnecessary communication or questions.  Event Managers look over your contracts and double check that correct amounts of supplies have been ordered, and that they understand exactly what has been agreed upon.

Event Managers work with the other vendors to create a timeline that supports their needs and takes their jobs into consideration.  This involves hours of communication and coordination, over email exchanges, and through all reviews and edits of the timeline.

The Event Manager is there on the day-of and they are running the show for the day, but Event Managers cannot be expected to just show up on the day and deliver the product you’ve envisioned without communicating with other vendors, reviewing contracts, and knowing how you want things set up/laid out.  All of this takes time and effort, meetings with you, notes, organization, leadership, and TIME.

To ensure that your wedding day is executed properly, that your contracts are fulfilled, and that the vendor’s needs are met, the Event Manager cannot just simply show up and be a day-of person.  It doesn’t matter how prepared, organized, or detailed you are, or how much you have done already, or how much more you are willing to do.  If you truly want to relax and enjoy your day without a care in the world, then hire a true professional and let them take the stress off of you!

Any questions regarding Event Management and Day-of Coordination?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch!  We are happy to answer any and all questions that you may have about what exactly is involved in our Event Management package, what you can expect from working with us, what makes Bubbles & Bowties stand out amongst the competition, and why we are passionate about what we do!  We love helping our clients understand why this package is not only extremely valuable, but a must-have for your wedding day.