2017 Aspen Wedding Trends: Boho Style

Boho is probably one of my favorite wedding styles/themes.  One of the reasons I love this wedding style so much is because it is so easy to make it truly yours, truly unique to you as a couple.  Boho weddings can be dressed up or dressed down, elegant or untraditional, rustic or glam, dramatic or romantic, or your very own combination or version of any of the above.

2017 Aspen Wedding Trends

PC: Chris Wojdak Photography; CC: Storybird Weddings

Typical features of Boho weddings include: hanging decor (mostly flowers), floral crowns, macrame, lace, flowy gowns, floral crowns, untraditional seating arrangements, creative ceremonial spaces, and anything else that puts your own touch on your special day.

2017 Aspen Wedding Trends

PC: Aaron Delesie; Featured: Martha Stewart Weddings

Bohemian weddings are perfect in a mountain town like Aspen.  The French have cleverly created the term “Bobo”, a take on Boho, combining Bohemian and Bourgeois, to describe the trending high-end version of Boho.  This new trend, along with the French’s apt naming, have given Boho a new life, one that proclaims wealth, class, and even, elegance.

2017 Aspen Wedding Trends

PC: Kayla Barker Photography

Taking inspiration from this theme can give any free-spirited bride and groom an outlet for their style while still incorporating traditional elements to create a gorgeous and very personalized wedding.

2017 Aspen Wedding Trends

PC: Two Birds One Stone Weddings

Check out our Pinterest page for more Boho wedding style inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/bubblesandbowti/boho-wedding/.

2017 Aspen Wedding Trends

PC: Josh Elliot Photography

For more information on creating your own Boho, or Bobo, Aspen wedding, contact Bubbles & Bowties: BubblesAndBowtiesAspen.com/Contact.  We love helping couples find, and design, their perfect wedding style!