Aspen Wedding Color Palette Trends: Apricot and Peach Tones

Peach and Apricot tones have been a staple in the wedding industry for a long time.  These colors always remind me of my parents’ wedding in the 70’s.  Specifically, my mom’s bridesmaids wore silk floral crowns entwined with peach ribbons that hung down their backs. She kept a couple and they remained a part of my childhood dress-up collection for years.

These colors and hues can be applied in so many different ways.  and with brides seeking unique twists and more modern takes on timeless classics, mixing apricot and peach tones with different colors, encourages some daring combinations and interesting palettes.

Aspen Wedding Color Palette Trends

PC: Jen Ramos

Add in touches of citrus for a brighter palette:

aspen wedding color palette trends

PC: Perfect Palette

Try more muted tones and add in some greys for a softer palette:

wedding table setting showing white, peach and gold tableware or a grey table cloth with geometric design

PC: Shaylyn Nelson Photography

Mix with mint for a more rustic or vintage look:

aspen wedding color palette trends

PC: Fab Mood

Add in gold or other metallics to glam it up:

Aspen Wedding Color Palette Trends

PC: Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

Fall weddings can bring in these colors to add a little lightness to darker palettes of navys, blacks, purples, and dark reds:

Aspen Wedding Color Palette Trends

PC: Ashley Bosnick Photography

As you can see there are so many ways to reimagine and modernize how peach and apricot tones can be incorporated into your Aspen wedding color palette.  Bubbles & Bowties loves helping brides find their perfect Aspen wedding color palette.  Contact us for more information on our wedding planning packages or design consultation.  Check out our Pinterest board for more Apricot and Peach wedding inspiration!